A word of warning! The following files are not necessarily the latest version and may not be complete! If something is missing or something looks like it won’t fit leave me a message and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Another word of warning! This is not an easy print! You need a sufficiently large print bed (min. 210 x 200 mm) and a well calibrated printer. I printed all parts on a Prusa MK3s and some parts went slightly over the theoretical maximum print size.


bill of materials

file size
bom1 16 KB

.stl files

file size print time2
front_left.stl 6.0 MB 12h29m front
front_right.stl 9.5 MB 13h23m front
back_left.stl 5.1 MB 8h29m back
back_right.stl 5.1 MB 8h0m back
frame_f_l.stl 558 KB 2h51m frame_f_l
frame_f_m.stl 873 KB 4h3m frame_f_m
frame_f_r.stl 585 KB 2h18m frame_f_r
frame_b_l.stl 363 KB 1h40m frame_b_l
frame_b_m.stl 658 KB 3h3m frame_b_m
frame_b_r.stl 405 KB 2h46m frame_b_r
spacer.stl 49 KB 2m spacer
batt_module.stl 159 KB 1h46m batt_module
batt_sign.stl 28 KB 14m batt_sign
batt_lid.stl 52 KB 18m batt_lid
raspi_module.stl 684 KB 1h48m raspi_module
handle_front.stl 236 KB 1h3m handle_front
handle_rear.stl 286 KB 2h13m handle_rear
audio_module.stl 884 KB 57m audio_module
display_module.stl 653 KB 3h42m display_module
touch_module.stl 254 KB 1h16m touch_module
switch_module.stl 403 KB 1h31m switch_module
hub_module.stl 702 KB 1h42m hub_module
blind_cover.stl 765 KB 48m blind_cover
amp_module.stl 258 KB 37m amp_module
adapter.stl 18 KB 4m adapter
adapter2.stl 18 KB 4m adapter2

.zip archive

All .stl files in one archive.

file size 12 M

technical drawings

  1. sc-im spreadsheet-calculator: ↩︎

  2. estimated ↩︎