This is the bill of materials. A more complete list, with all the materials I used and with links and prices can be found in the download area.

Some parts are not mandatory and are marked in the list.

This list may be incomplete!

Part Name Quantity Not Mandatory
Raspberry Pi 1
LiPo 1
RPi UPSPack 1
7” Touchscreen 1
DeLock USB-A/USB-A M/F 2
Cat6 Ethernet Extension 1
DeLock Micro USB M/F 1
HDMI cable 1
SparkFun Touch Potentiometer 1 X
USB-A/Micro-USB charging cable 2
Micro USB extension cable 2
Switch 7
Toggle Switch 1
Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier 1 X
FM Stereo Radio Module 1 X
Speaker (Set) 1 X
3.5 Audio Jack 2
6.35 Audio Jack 1
6.35 to 3.5 Audio Jack Adapter 1
3.5 Audio Jack Adapter 1
Potentiometer (Vol.) 1
Battery Holder 1 X
WS2812B LED Stripe 1 X
Belt Strap (30mm) 1 X
Noctua 5V Fan 1
Thread Insert (M3) many…
Thread Insert (M3-M5) 20-30
Frame screws, M3x10 many…
Housing screws, M5x40 8
Modul screws, M4x16 14